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USO Launch New Jazz Band

USO are proud to present our new Jazz Band video filmed at the 2014 LTA Wimbledon Ball at the Hurlingham Club (pictured above).

The USO Jazz Band comprises some of London's finest players, including Amy Winehouse's former guitarist, and can entertain with Swing and Jazz classics from across the ages.

This ensemble can also include a violin and either male vocalist Stefan Booth - who was recently the lead in Chicago: The Musical in the West End and on the UK Tour or our fabulous female vocalist Roo.

Recent engagements include: St Mungos Broadway 2014 Summer Ball at Lambeth Palace Gardens, The Silver Sturgeon Luxury Thames Yacht (pictured below), The Bulgari Hotel, St Mungos Broadway 2013 Summer Ball at Westminster Abbey Gardens, Arch One Jazz Club and the Oxford University 2013 May Ball.