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From dynamic pop and dance tracks to sumptuous film and TV scores, the Urban Soul Orchestra supply the strings that move and groove…

Having cut a resonant swathe through London’s session scene for two decades, the Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) are a string ensemble with a difference. Their fusion of classical sensibilities with contemporary grooves has kept the USO busy as a top choice for pop/dance producers and film composers alike, both for recording and live gigs. Throw in excellent string arrangements, visual flair and a funky vibe, and the USO have a musical recipe for long-term success.

This versatile collective features a large cast of players and a repertoire tailored for high-end special events. Behind the USO’s achievements are long hours of work, savvy management and clever marketing.

The Musician spoke with violinist, arranger and conductor Stephen Hussey, the driving force behind the USO, about the origins, energy, track record and dreams of this unique string orchestra.