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Electric String Quartet


For an energetic, live, choreographed show, look no further than the Urban Soul Orchestra Electric String Quartet.

With live electric strings blended with a professionally produced soundtrack, the USO Electric String Quartet create a dynamic sound suitable for events looking to add an injection of energy and drama to the stage.

The ensemble move in unison with the music and each other, providing visual impact and an impressive sound for an unforgettable experience. 

One of the unique features of the Electric String Quartet is their ability to interact with audiences, bringing the show to them. Performed on sleek, wireless electric instruments the glamorous ensemble move off the stage to WOW audiences. 

The ensemble perform as a stunning all female quartet and if required we can offer an electric trio, duo, or even solo violinst to suit your event, staging and budget requirements.

An outstanding choreographed performance by four gorgeous Urban Soul Orchestra electric string musicians

Darren Kerr, Founder, Factor168 Creative Event Company (Asia)


Please see more images and videos of our Electric String Quartet on the gallery pages.


Images and videos courtesy of an event produced by FACTOR168 Creative Event Company.