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Orchestral Flash Mob

If you like the Singing Waiters but are looking for something a little bit different for your event then look no further ... Masquerading as waiting staff or event guests before unexpectedly launching into Ravel’s Bolero are the USO Orchestral Flash Mob.

The performance ideally takes place in the context of a sit down dinner, either at a corporate event or private party, perhaps with a theme incorporating classical music or ‘contemporary meets classical’.

This concept works best with music-themed tables, including an instrument as a centerpiece on each, with our musicians serving your guests.

Alternatively instruments can be hidden around the room with 'guests' finding them unexpectedly. At a certain point in the evening, one of the waiters, or guests, takes some castanets from the percussion table and starts to play them.

They are then joined by another waiter/guest stationed next to a different table who takes a second instrument, and joins in until the full ensemble perform this dramatic piece together.

At the end of the performance guests are invited to interact with the performance and create the crescendo themselves. 

After delighting your guests with Ravel’s Bolero, the ensemble can then play up to an hour of classical music.

Suitable for corporate events, weddings and private parties the USO Orchestral Flash Mob can be performed with up to 12 musicians.

I just want to say such a huge thank you. It was such a triumph and you were all so professional and fantastic! After you left John the birthday boy came up to me saying how talented you all were and enthusiastic and thought the flash mob was such a great idea.

Camilla Lascelles, Institute of Contemporary Art

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