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BMW 7 Series

In June 2015 Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) were invited by Jack Morton Worldwide to perform for the launch of the BMW 7 Series to international press in Munich, Germany. 

USO’s bespoke and innovative proposal saw them provide a 20 piece orchestra for the launch. USO Director Stephen Hussey worked closely with Jack Morton Worldwide to compose original music, pairing design, visuals and audio that perfectly matched BMW’s elegant and beautiful design. 

For a full musical accompaniment to the project USO created five pieces of bespoke music centered around BMW’s core design values.

As part of the project USO professionally recorded the bespoke score in London. 

You can watch our performance for this event here.


I would like to thank you for your outstanding work. It has been a great pleasure to work with you, and the result was grand, emotional and brilliant. I also learnt a lot during this journey, and I really enjoyed the creative and collaborative process. Also, I am fully aware of the significant amount of work and energy spent to get the composition, score, sound, mix, and musician right, and I want to thank you all for working above and beyond. 

Please also thank and congratulate the musicians, as they performed superbly, and not only contributed to the music, but, of course, to the full visual experience. You will enjoy to know that the new CEO, the head of marketing communication and some other high executives have been very impressed by the performance. The press also talked a lot about the live performance and music. Overall, the full event is a success and you played a major role in it, literally. Finally, I really look forward for a similar project, to get you all on-board again. 

Julien Le Bas, Senior VP, Creative and Design, Jack Morton Worldwide, 11th June 2015

At Urban Soul Orchestra we are able to offer a highly sort after audio branding service, taking you from the conception of a brand to the finished product. If you would like enquire about an audio branding opportunity please email: or call the office on 020 8968 3000.