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Chivas Regal

USO worked with Scottish whisky distillers Chivas Regal to create an evening of exciting entertainment at their Chivas 18 Launch, held at the Tate Modern Tanks.

Our concept took inspiration from Chivas 18's multi-layered blend, which was also reflected in the various sensory rooms they had set up for the launch. As the focus of the auditory room, USO's performance began with musicians positioned around the room, fully mobile and able to move and interact with audience members.

The set opened with a solo violin performance of a traditional Celtic jig. Our violinist was joined by a cellist for a Celtic folk ballad. A second violin and then a viola joined the performance, completing the quartet and taking the audience further along their musical journey.

As percussion, double bass, keyboard and vocalist joined the players to form a stunning octet, the set culminated in a rousing rendition of Coldplay's Viva La Vida, rounding up an unforgettable and truly unique evening in an iconic venue.

The orchestra were a hit, thank you very much for playing.

Production Company, A Little Bird.