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Factor 168: Myanmar

In May 2016 Urban Soul Orchestra (USO) were invited by Factor168 Creative Event Company to perform at one of its VIP corporate events, set at the top of the Sakura Tower in Yangon, Myanmar.

Following the creation of a bespoke proposal, USO were secured to perform at the exclusive event, providing a 15 minute Electric String Quartet Show to set the scene, featuring choreographed performances to professionally produced backing tracks, including;

- Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

- Storm by Vivaldi / Vanessa May

- A 5th Of Beethoven: Saturday Night Fever by Walter Murphy

Later in the evening, the 4 gorgeous string musicians were joined by 3 incredible vocalists, sax, trumpet, 2 identical twin dancers and the wonderful DJ Goldierocks to perform the USO 12 Piece Little Big Band featuring chart hits including;

- Happy by Pharrell Williams

- Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

- Get Lucky by Daft Punk

USO were also offered a unique opportunity to be a part of a photo shoot, set in the unusual location of Yangon Central Railway Station.

Working closely with the Factor168 Creative team, USO created a bespoke playlist tailored to the event in order to provide the perfect musical backdrop.

USO have tailored their ensembles for travel purposes so that clients can book one band with a minimal number of musicians to provide bespoke entertainment across an event, offering a different look and feel for each part.

Mix Magazine also wrote an article about the event called Glimmering in Myanmar featuring USO. Read the full article here


The Urban Soul Orchestra is a world class act and perfect for creating a powerful special event experience that delights and resonates.

Not unlike a fabulous bedazzled swizz army knife - the Orchestra was perfect for our needs in it’s seamless performing modularization and the collegiate professional manner demonstrated by all cast members from pre-production, to rehearsals, to show, and post, was greatly appreciated.

Imagine – Myanmar after decades of military rule and only the second week of a democratically elected government led by global freedom icon ‘The Lady’. Destination - the rooftop of the tallest building in Yangon. A surprise exclusive corporate party for the Asia Pacific regions movers and shakers. Local DJ opens, the Sule Shangri-la cater, the roof top is ablaze with lighting that can be seen from hundreds of miles around the city. The scene is set and the night opens with an outstanding choreographed performance by four gorgeous Urban Soul Orchestra string musicians. Joined by the pocket-rocket London industry veteran DJ Goldierocks who then seques into a masterful individual performance that draws a spellbound audience to their feet for the rest of the night.

Time for the full Orchestra to make it’s presence known. DJ Goldierocks is rejoined by the string beauties along with two Bruno Marr’s inspired dancing brass artists, and finally three of London’s powerhouse vocalists. Max, like a sleek panther works the entire stage, Jina mesmerises the audience with her sassy diva looks and extraordinarily powerful vocals, and finally Izzy – the love child of Adele, Tina Turner, and Rhianna – takes no prisoners and the audience loves her for it.

The Urban Soul Orchestra ensured the VIP evening was a massive memorable success with an unrelenting 90 minute tour de force. An eclectic fusion mix of strings, blasts of brass, mercurial DJ beats, and an explosive vocal threesome – gobsmackingly good!

Would we recommend the Urban Soul Orchestra?

Is the Pope Catholic? Yes.

Yes and yes.

The only small thing we’d note from a producers perspective – both Natasha and Nikki, the behind the scenes wizards, were sensational during pre-production, but do yourself a massive favour, and ensure one of them is also the tour manager. We did and it made our lives very stress free. Highly recommended.

Darren Kerr - Founder

Factor168 Creative Event Company (Asia)

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