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Professional String Arrangements from the Urban Soul Orchestra

Stephen Hussey is the Founder, Musical Director and Arranger for the Urban Soul Orchestra and one of the most innovative and in-demand arrangers on the London session scene. Stephen is an experienced, imaginative professional arranger for strings or orchestra. Stephen creates rich, lush and soulful arrangements for strings, whether for a film score, game soundtrack, commercial advertising or TV production.

Having spent his career working with many top recording artists, Stephen has mastered translating classical conventions to contemporary music sensibilities. Gifted with perfect pitch, his ability to blend styles, borrow from influences and cross easily between genres has ensured he has stayed in constant demand. For examples of Stephen Hussey's arrangements please see the Spotify playlist or the Showreels at the bottom of the page.

String Arrangements, Score Editing and Music Copying Services

Stephen is delighted to work with composers and recording artists to build on your existing string ideas and turn them into real string parts ready for the studio. Stephen can also orchestrate parts from Logic and Sibelius files or similar music creation software.

Urban Soul Orchestra and Stephen Hussey also offer a full score editing service, to identify and eliminate errors and inconsistencies in your scores and make them note-perfect for your recording session or show. We also offer a speedy and reliable music copying service, to create individual orchestral or band parts from full scores or from digital files that are perfect for musicians to play from.

Special Projects and Commissions

Stephen Hussey is Urban Soul Orchestra's in house composer, who can work alone or with other arrangers and composers on special projects and commissions; we already have a regular clientele of arranging colleagues who use USO as their preferred session orchestra. Please contact us to enquire about composition commissions, collaborations and projects.

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All the tracks on the below playlist feature string arrangements from Urban Soul Orchestra, Stephen Hussey. Many of these tracks also feature Urban Soul Orchestra musicians, full details can be found on the Recording Session page. You will need to have Spotify for the player; alternatively, see the Showreel examples at the bottom of the page. If you haven't got Spotify open already it may take a few seconds to open. 

  • String Showreel - Ballads
  • String Showreel - Chill Out
  • String Showreel - Dance Remixes
  • String Showreel - Pop
  • String Showreel - Rock
  • String Showreel - Urban