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Q: I want strings on my track. How do you make this happen?

There are two stages to this:

1) Write a string arrangement

2) Record the string arrangement

Q: How many players do I need?

It depends on the track and the string sound that you are looking for. If you want a big, lush, full orchestral sound, then we’ll need more players but if you are looking for a more intimate sound, then less players are required.

Q: How much does a string arrangement cost?

The cost of an arrangement varies depending on the complexity of the project. The more tracks that you commission, the more cost effective it is per track. We are able to record 2 - 4 tracks in a 3 hour session, so if you have more than one track that you are considering recording strings on, you can benefit from economies of scale.

Q: Will I be able to hear the arrangement before the session so I know what I’m getting?

Yes. Stephen Hussey, our arranger uses Logic Pro and can send a good quality ‘mock up’ of the arrangement using programmed strings.

Q: I have my own ideas that I want for strings. Can we use those?

Yes. We can incorporate any existing ideas into the final string arrangement. Even if you have your own complete arrangement, you can send the Logic/midi/sound file of the arrangement and we can produce finished scores and parts ready for the session, saving you the time and inconvenience of printing perfect parts from Logic/Cubase. If you only require your own arrangement to be edited and printed into score and parts, please enquire about our copyist rates.

Q: What about a recording studio?

We have our own small studio which we use for smaller tracking sessions (1 -2 two players). If you would prefer a larger studio - which is often necessary depending on the number of players being used on the track - we are  eligible for preferential rates in several of London’s finest studios as we work with them on a regular basis.

Q: What about paperwork? Are there any forms that we have to fill in?

Yes. We conduct all record release sessions under the MU/BPI agreement and all TV/Film sessions under the PACT agreement. It’s very simple - we supply filled in forms at the end of the session for you to submit to the relevant bodies when the recording is used or released.

Q: Can you record the strings for me and send me the mixed sound files without me being there?

Yes. We can go through the whole process remotely and arrange, record and edit the strings without you having to leave your studio.

Q: There are lots of string sections around. Why should I use Urban Soul Orchestra?

  • We employ the best string players in the UK.

We have spent 25 years building a team consisting of top string players who have great instruments, can groove, are super-professional and great fun to work with. Follow the link to see our credentials.

  • We have the highest levels of customer service.

We have a dedicated team in the office and studio to manage the whole process as efficiently as possible. Please follow the link to read our client testimonials.

  • Our string arrangements are unique.

Our in-house string arranger, Stephen Hussey has become one of the most innovative and in demand arrangers on the London session scene. Stephen has a unique arranging style and an excellent track record. Listen to some of our arrangements here.