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Urban Soul Orchestra: Your Perfect String Session Musicians

Top name professionals regularly book the Urban Soul Orchestra to provide quality string session players for album recordings, film scores, music for adverts & video game soundtracks. With an industry track record of 20 years, Urban Soul Orchestra have a regular and loyal client base of artists, producers, arrangers and record companies.

A String Section, Not a Selection of String Players

Urban Soul Orchestra only book the best UK session musicians, who all perform on top quality instruments, are a joy to work with and have that unique USO groove. Our players also play live gigs together on a regular basis, so they understand each other, producing a polished take each and every time.

Top Clients, Top Studios

Urban Soul Orchestra have worked with some of the biggest international names in music, which is clear from our  clients and testimonials. Our status as a top session string orchestra also ensures we have good relationships with the best studios, who provide us with the perfect sound at discounted rates.

Professional Arranger, Orchestrator and Conductor

Our Director, Stephen Hussey, also offers a professional string arrangements service. Stephen is also available to work with as a composer, or in collaboration with other composers and orchestras, as a conductor, arranger or transcriber. Stephen has worked with some of the world's best musicians, including the Philharmonia Orchestra and the BBC Concert Orchestra on some of the most exciting and innovative music to picture projects.


The tracks below feature recordings by Urban Soul Orchestra. You must have Spotify for the player to work. If you haven't got Spotify open already it may take a few seconds to open. Alternatively please see the Showreel examples at the bottom of the page. 

  • String Showreel - Ballads
  • String Showreel - Chill Out
  • String Showreel - Dance Remixes
  • String Showreel - Pop
  • String Showreel - Rock
  • String Showreel - Urban